SMS Gateway API in Nepal

Turn your web or mobile app into a fully-fledged SMS marketing solution in minutes with our API and online dashboard. Our professional services team can help you integrate SMS text messaging into any platform, so even if you're a non-technical business owner, you don't have to worry about getting started.

Grow your business with us. We provide SMS Gateway API to make it easier for businesses to integrate with our system, and send SMS in a cheaper way. With Nitya, you get the benefit of SMS branding, schedule management, and flexible pricing

We make coding and integration easy for you with our SMS Gateway API. You can use it to send SMS through your own system. You can use our SMS Gateway API in Nepal to get a complete solution for your business, whatever industry or line of business that you are in. You can integrate our SMS Gateway API with any text messaging platform and be able to send SMS from your web application.