How to send Bulk SMS?

  • Login to our system
  • Add Credit
  • Click on Bulk SMS
  • Click on Compose SMS
  • Type Numbers separated by commas
  • Choose Language in which you want to send SMS
  • Type message
  • Total character , required coins and available coins are displayed on right sidebar
  • Click send

How to send Dynamic SMS?

  • Login to our system
  • Add Credit
  • Click on Dynamic SMS
  • First click on list groups and click add group for sending dynamic sms
  • Import excel file containing name and numbers
  • Now click on list templates and add template (template is sms which you want to send, with pre-provided variables)
  • Now click on compose sms
  • Select group, select template and click on preview
  • Click Send

What is the length of a SMS?

    In our system 1 credit = 1 SMS
    Length of SMS depends upon Nepali( Unicode) and English Language
  • For English : 160 characters = 1 SMS
  • For Nepali(Unicode): 65 characters = 1 SMS

Do every SMS I send will be delivered ?

No, every SMS you send may not be delivered. We cannot guarantee the delivery of all SMS if there is problem in destination Numbers. Nitya SMS is not liable if deduction of SMS credits due to problem in destination numbers (i.e. network out of reach, mobile switch off, problem in SMS incoming, unused sim card etc.).

Do the numbers I used to Send SMS will be used by Nitya SMS or shared to other third party companies?

No, the numbers will be kept secret. We will not share your submitted number to other third party companies or Nitya SMS itself will not use the number. It is against our Terms and Conditions.